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Div Memo No 76 s.2017 Mass Demorwing of Senior High School Students


Div Memo No 78 s.2017 Division Kindergarten Festival of Talents


Div Memo No 80 s.2017 3rd Division Management Committee Meeting (MANCOM)

Div Memo No. 81s 2017 PhilGEPS Training for Phase I

Div Memo No. 82 s2017 Division Conference on Civil Service, GSIS, and DRRM Updates

Div Memo No 83 s.2017 2 Day Division Training Workshop for SHS in Module Making

Div Memo No. 84s.2017 Division Orientation on the Basic Education Statistics for the Beginning of SY 2017-18 in the LIS and EBEIS

Div. Memo s2017 D.O No 42s,2017 and D.O No 43s,2017

Division Memo No. 85 s2017 2017 National Teachers Month and National Teachers Day World Teachers Day Celebration

Division Memo No. 86 s2017 2017 National Career Assessment Examination (NCAE) for all Grade 9 Students

Division Memo No. 87 s2017 Addendum to Division Memorandum No 81,s 2017 (PhilGEPS Training for Phase I)

Division Memo No. 88s 2017 2017 Division Science Month Celebration

Division Memo s 2017 Do 48s 2017, DM No 142 s 2017, DM No 144 s 2017

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Div Memo No. 120 s2017 2017 Provincial Athletic Meet

Memorandum s2017 DO No 59s 2017 120417

Division Memo No 122s 2017 Division Reorientation on DepEd Order No 10 s 2016 Wins Program

Division Memo No. 123,s 2017 Teachers Induction Program for New Teachers

Div Memo No 103s 2017 Online Pre Validation and Submission of EBEIS BOSY 2017-18

Div Memo No 126s 2017 Roll Out of DRRM Module for SDRRM and CP Workshop

Div Memo No 113s 2017 2017 Division Technolympics

Div Memo No 105s 2017 2017 Division English Speech Festival Reading Camp and Spelling Bee

Div Memo No 116s 2017 Administration of the 2016 Accreditation and Equivalency Test (A&E) and Philippine Educational Placement Test

Div Memo 2017 Division Orientation of DRRM CSS Tools

Div Memo No 125s 2017 121st Anniversary of the Martyrdom of Dr Jose P Rizal

Div Memo No 114s 2017 Submission of School Performance Management Team

Div Memo No 118s 2017 Evaluation and Validation of Accomplishments for 2017 Seal of Excellence

Div Memo No 121s 2017 Division ICT Literacy Training Workshop

Div Memo No 127s 2017 Conduct 4th Quarter NSED

Div Memo No 104s 2017 Training Methodology Scholarship Program (TMC-I)

Div Memo No 124s 2017 Capability Building Workshop on Action Research

Div Memo No 112s 2017 Conduct of Career Guidance Program for Grade II Students on Module 1-4

Div Memo No. 128s 2017 Financial Management Operation Manual Roll Out

Division Memorandum s2017 2017 LIS EBEIS Program Implementation Review (PIR)

Division Memo No 107s2017 Inclusion of Human Papilloma Virus Vaccine in School-Based Immunization Program

Division Memo No 129s2017 Addendum to Division Memo No 128s 2017