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DM-No.-93-s.-2016 Creation of Division Records Management Improvement Committee

DM-No.-94-s.-2016 Submission of Report on the Updates of Dengue Cases in School

DM-No.-96-s.-2016 ICT Literacy Skills Development Training of Trainers Phase II

DM-No.-95-s.-2016 Division Ranking for SHS T II

DM-No.-97-s.-2016 One-day Orientation on school based feeding program SY 2016-17

DM-No.-98-s.-2016 Submission of List of Teaching and Non teaching Personnel who had registered in the LR portal

DM-No.-99-s.-2016 Division Pre Validation Workshop of Beginning of SY 2016-17 EBEIS LIS

DM-No.-100-s.-2016 Division Schools Press Conference

DM-No.-101-s.-2016 Division Ranking for SHS T II and Admin Aide VI

DM-No.-102-s.-2016 Division Seminar Workshop on Developing Adapting School Programs

DM-No.-103-s.-2016 Corrigendum to Division Memo no 101,s 2016

DM-No.-104-s.-2016 Online Learning Needs Assessment

Unnumberred-memo-09.14.16 Corrigendum to Memo no 90, s 2016

Unnumberred-memo-09.16.16 National Clean Up Day

DM-No.-105-s.-2016 Beneficiaries of Local and Foreign Scholarship Programs from CY 2011to 2016

Unnumberred-memo-09.20.16 Scouting Month Celebration

DM-No.-107-s.-2016 Three-Day Division Training Workshop for Illustrators and Visual Graphics Artists

DM-No.-108-s.-2016 Division Whole Brain Self Mastery Seminar

DM-No.-110-s.-2016 GSIS Orientation on Clarificatory

DM-No.-111-s.-2016 Addendum to Division Memo no. 108, s 2016

DM-No.-109-s.-2016 3rd Quarter NSED

DM-No.-106-s.-2016 Division Kindergarten Festival of Talents

DM-No.-112-s.-2016 Division Statistics Quiz for JHS Students

DM-No.-114-s.-2016 Announcement of Vacant Positions for Nurse II

DM-No.-113-s.-2016 Status of Implmentation of School Report Card

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